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Solar panel tracking system hydraulic damper

Time : 2023-04-17 Hits : 26

The product is matched with the solar panel tracking system. For the specified requirements of the equipment, the solar panels are adjusted at different angles according to the changes of the seasons and time, while maintaining the corresponding angle. The solar panel tracking system damper produced by our company has cooperated with American companies. Through long-term testing and adjustment, it has reached a high quality level and has been well received by foreign customers.

This is a damper that combines both locking and damping functions. When the solar photovoltaic panel needs to track the sun, the ejector switch is pressed and the damper piston rod can be moved. When the solar panel moves to a predetermined position, the jack switch is restored and closed, the piston is locked, and the locking force can reach 25000N. At this time, the gravity of the panel itself is mainly borne by the damper, which can greatly reduce the burden on the rotary motor and prolong the life of the rotary motor. Even in the face of sudden winds, the photovoltaic panels can be firmly fixed, greatly reducing the risk of hardware damage.

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