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Engineering Structure of Damper

Time : 2023-04-17 Hits : 28

In the twentieth century, especially in the past two or three decades, people have made great efforts to improve the anti-vibration ability of buildings, and achieved remarkable results. The most proud of this achievement is the "structural protection system". People have jumped out of the traditional concept of enhancing the ability of anti-vibration to strengthen beams, columns and walls, combined with the dynamic performance of the structure, cleverly avoided or reduced the damage of earthquakes and wind. Base Isolation, various energy absorption and energy dissipation systems using Damper, mass resonance damping system (TMD) and Active Control damping system on the roof of high-rise buildings Engineering practice. Some have become an indispensable protective measure to reduce vibration. Especially for unpredictable earthquakes, the multidimensional vibrations of which the failure mechanism is not very clear, the protection systems of these structures become even more important.

The least controversial of these structural protection systems, the beneficial and harmless system is the use of dampers to absorb this unexpected seismic energy. The use of damping to absorb energy is not a new technology. In the aerospace, military, gun, and automobile industries, various dampers have been used to reduce vibration and energy. Since the 1970s, people have gradually transferred these technologies to construction, bridge, railway and other projects, and their development has been very rapid. By the end of the twentieth century, nearly 100 structural projects around the world had used dampers to absorb energy and reduce vibration.

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