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Damper characteristics and technical requirements

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Question 1: What are the characteristics of the damper?

The characteristics of the damper are mainly:

In the low speed region, the damping force of the damper is mainly viscous damping, so its change with speed is obvious.

In the high-speed region, the damping force is dominated by the Coulomb damping force, which does not change much with speed, and the determining factor is the control current. However, when the current increases to a certain extent, it will appear saturated.

Question 2: What is the difference between a damper and an energy dissipation support?

In fact, the two are mainly Dependent, and the energy dissipation support is one of the dampers, and the range of the damper is much larger.

Question 3: What are the technical requirements of the damper?

The technical requirements of the damper, which should include:

Effective stroke, large stroke, clamping part diameter, allowable impact force, load range and speed adjustment range.

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