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Fixed adjustable bracket is to adjust the tilt angle of fixed bracket periodically at the turning point of solar incidence angle change to increase the direct sunlight absorption and improve the power generation under the condition that the cost is slightly increased than fixed bracket.

Because the same location in a day the sun height angle is constantly changing, so the tilt angle of the photovoltaic array in different times to receive the maximum solar radiation is also changing, for the grid-connected photovoltaic system fixed photovoltaic array tilt angle is usually selected throughout the year to receive the maximum amount of radiation at an angle, fixed adjustable is based on the fixed type, in different months or different seasons to adjust the angle so as to improve power generation.

PV tracking system integrates structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, mechanical drive, brake system, Electronic control and other multidisciplinary professional knowledge, can realize the PV module tracking the sun rotation, and greatly improve the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation, and compared with the same size of fixed power station Compared with fixed power stations of the same size, the power generation capacity can be increased by 5% to 25% (determined by the light of different areas). It is also stable in operation and low in maintenance cost.

The tracking bracket system consists of three parts: bracket system, drive system and electronic control system.

The electric control system mainly includes electric control box, communication control box and wind speed sensor, and cloud platform.

The driving system mainly includes electric motor, damper, transmission, bearing, bearing seat, etc. The support system mainly includes columns, crossbeams, purlins, etc.  

Our company can provide tracking system design service according to customers' needs.


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