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The annual production capacity of PV damper produced by Xinhuan is currently over 1.2 million units, basically exported to the United States. The main customers are the world's top 10 Nextracker, Arrayd, CITIC Bo and other well-known companies. We produce more than 20 kinds of dampers, and can design and customize according to customers' needs.

Shanxi Xinhuan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial park of Pinglu County, Yuncheng City, with total assets of 350 million yuan, covers an area of 116,000 square meters, with a total of 468 employees.

It is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of auto shock absorber parts and solar photovoltaic power plant parts, with an annual output value of 230 million yuan.

It is a provincial "four new" small and medium-sized enterprise, provincial "special, precise, special, new" enterprise.

It is a national-level high-tech enterprise and a pilot enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the integration of the two.

It is also the first enterprise in Shanxi Province engaged in manufacturing solar photovoltaic power plant components.

In 2021, the company has completed 184MWp of photovoltaic mounts and 1.61 million dampers. Besides supplying to domestic market, our products are exported to USA, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and other countries.


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